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The Queen in Windsor [Friday
April 21st At 10:17PM]

Here is a link to my latest lj post, including some pictures I took of the Queen on her birthday walkabout. :D


You know, if anyone else is dorky like me. ;)
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November 15th At 8:07PM]

there's going to be a programme about slaaagh on bbc2 at nine. let's watch it and think about how much better we are than them.
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Windsor, why go anywhere else? [Thursday
October 20th At 10:08PM]

[ mood | crazy ]

Windsor, by far the best place on this poor innocent planet.

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sup with the ghetto? [Wednesday
October 19th At 4:11PM]

[ mood | tired ]

Im posting... because i can!
I hope everyone windsorian is well!

(Emilie i just had a thought! Do i even count as part of the windsor ghetto? Im sooo not from windsor LOL!)


Remember Every 2 Embers, YSmitten!

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